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Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday Fives

1. Everyone's got crazy relatives. Tell us about some of yours. I come from a family of Kooks. The entire Vernal, Utah contingent of belligerent, hard livin', hard drinkin' Mormon's mostly come to mind. Cousin "D" is the most prominent - a gun nut, right wing, misogynistic wack job who glares at women if they even think of speaking up in the company of men and is always asking "where you keep your guns?" Seriously. He is concerned that our family didn't keep a gun or two out in the plain view and handy in case of an uprising. If there is a Utah Militia of Separatists, I am sure he is one of them.

2. Which television shows, recent or old, were you most disappointed to see cancelled? Micheal Moore's the Awful Truth. And Match Game. I loved that game show as a kid.

3. Which deaths of famous people have made you the saddest? Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon.

4.Make up your own church. The church of Guinness. We shall worship at the alter of the dark stout ale. Rejoice in the darkness.

5.What have you killed with a spade or other blunt instrument? Extra points awarded at my discretion for style, elan and sheer absurdity. In my youthful lawn care and gardening days, back when I had the patience and ability to tend to living things I killed a lot of bugs with the back of a spade. I have no real serial killing "gonk" tales to regale you with, alas.