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Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday Fives

1. Tell us a good bar story! This involves Reverend Ed. (don't they all - I am leaving him two of three of the best ones). We were at Guv's Park on a hot Saturday afternoon in the fall, as I remember it. We had been on a bit of binge already and hunkered down into another bar that day and ordered a round of beers and some scotch. We were on a real scotch kick back then and all totalled we had about six glasses of scotch and about four beers. The good waitress was getting concerned because we hadn't had any food (she didn't know we had eaten earlier) and she decided to cut us off. She said she would go call us cab to get us home (it was 4 o' clock in the afternoon. We were just getting started!) As she left, we threw a bunch of money on the table and snuck out of the place and back to our car and headed to Ed's place to keep up some epic drinking. We are both still proud of the day we were kicked out of Guv's Park.

2. What are your favorite album covers of all time? The iconic pose of Travolta on the cover of the Saturday Night Fever Album. The Police Syncronicity album (There were three different covers with alternating stripes, very ahead of its time, I suppose), The Beatles "White Album" - genius. The original album cover to The Beatles Revolver - the one with the bloody dolls. The Who - Who's Next.

3. List your favorite insult! Fuck you! Are you done? Wow, you thought of that yourself? It's important when telling a story to have a point (thanks to Ed!)

4. You've got to "go away" for a while and you're only allowed to bring 5 movies on DVD. What would they be? I think this ground has been covered in the Friday Fives, but they would be 1. Casablanca - A great story of hope and friendship. 2. Creator - A great debate on the meaning of life. 3. Say Anything - A Lloyd meets girl story. 4. The Blues Brothers - You can use your time away to learn the songs and dances. 5. Apocoplyse Now! Redux - If you are going away for a while, why not a movie that takes a while to watch.

5. What are some of the worst lyrics (lines or entire songs) in music history? Please cite examples. 1. Hungry Heart - Springsteen (Got a wife and kids in Baltimore, Jack.) ps, I love this song. 2. I think I'm Turning Japanese - The Vapors ('nuff said) 3. I Gave Her a Ring (She gave me the finger) - - Steven Fromholz (Oh, do listen and sing along.) 4. Baby I'm-A Want You - Bread (It makes no kind of sense) 5. All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople (I have no earthly idea what this song is really about.)