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Monday, August 23, 2004

Big Water

Outside of my hometown, Craig, Colorado is some of the most beautiful high desert, river canyons and mesas you will ever have the chance to see. The Yampa river, running from just up from Steamboat Springs at Yampa, Colorado, down to Steamboat rock .the Yampa river is the longest undamned river in Colorado and one of a handful left in the United States. It has every thing from meandering sand bars to class V and class VI rapids that are generally unpassable. The Yampa meets up with the Green river, winding down from Wyoming at Steamboat rock at the confluence. And then the two rivers combine and the Green river eventually joins the Colorado river in Utah. Looking at the map, in Moffat County there is Dinosaur National Monument, a "T" shaped plot of land where most of the unique beauty of the rivers is concentrated. Both river habitats are protected by Federal park and monument regulations and have been given wilderness area or wild and scenic destinations in many areas. Where the rivers are not in public hands, the Nature Conservancy and other public conservation trusts are working hard to protect the rivers through purchase, easements and land swaps to ensure the Yampa remains undamned and the Yampa and Green river ecosystems remain natural and unchanged parts of the Northwest Colorado landscape. Take a moment and check out the beautiful scenery where I stomped around through much of my boyhood. The Green River The Yampa River