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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Berger To Be Exonorated

According to the Wall Street Journal, former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger does not have in his possession any originals of any classified documents relating to his 9/11 commission testomony. This was huge news a week ago, during the convention, when it was proposed that Burger was the next Alger Hiss, a spy of the nth magnitude. But quietly, buried inside the journal, we learn that National Archives representatives are confident all is well and no major compromise to security has occured. But we have yet to hear any apologiesfrom any of the GOP naysayers and conservative radio, television or newspaper pundits who were completely willing to write off this career diplomat and politician as a traitor and a crook. There is still a pending investigation, mostly concerning the photo copied documents that Berger admits to removing during his archive visit. Berger claims the documents have been destroyed and the archives and FBI seem satisified with that. However there still seems to be a right wing storm brewing to have Berger's head. However that is sticky ground as most high level folks with access to sensitive and classified documents have been known to do exactly what Berger has done. If the GOP lawmakers push for an investigation there could be widespread embarrassment going all the way back to President Bush the senior and congressional staffers, congress members and senators. So I don't expect to hear any more of this again, including any apologies. Politics keeps getting uglier and uglier