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Saturday, July 10, 2004

It's Not English, It's Engrish

I bought a battery and heaset off eBay form my cell phone. The seller included one of those real cheese cell phone antenna boosters that supposedly boost the signal strength of your phone (not likely) Below are the verbatim instructions.

1. Please make sure the area for pasting antenna or battery of the phone all fingers and dust must be cleaned, and it must be in dry condition. 2. Please be careful when peeling the antenna off with its stciker. Make sure the proper place when pasting because the antenna sticker is not reusable. 3. Please make sure "UPSIDE" is facing up, and put it neary by antenna or battery. After antenna and sticker has been pasted together, use the sticker papaer and press property. 4. This product can be used after making sure the antenna has been pasted completely and property.

If anyone can make sense of this, drop a note. I think I have an annenna booster permanently mounted to my scalp. I am not sure.