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Friday, July 23, 2004

Friday Fives

1.    What's your favorite TV theme song and why? The original Bill Cosby show (not the one with Huxtables but the one in 1970s). It was by Quincy Jones and it is a great mix of Jazz, Blues and Funk.

2.      What's your worst roommate story? I had the most anal retentive boring and mean-spirited roommate my freshman year of college. Dan W. was an ROTC student, a proud Target employee and the stingiest bastard in the world. He had rented a refrigerator from the campus but kept it locked and in his closet.  Inside his locked  refrigerator was a case of some sort of Target brand soda. Each can was marked with his name.  He used to take a lot of extra food from the cafeteria and keep it in the refrigerator as well.  I was just a small town boy living the life of adventure in the big city and never had come across such an untrusting and mean spririted guy before. (He was wrapped real tight. He used to try to get into fights with all the guys on the floor and would physically shake with anger over the littlest thing (usually loud music, in a college dorm, in the 1980s, in Boulder - not a good sign)).   And the fights went nowhere. It was a floor of midwest and California stoner dudes that were into the Grateful Dead and Rasta and didn't want to fight, but that didn't stop Dan. He once pulled a knife, or should I say a butter knife on a neighbor because of music.  The neighbor laughed. I laughed. We all laughed. And Dan sauntered back to his room - locking me out as he pouted at the injustice of life.  The next semester he moved to different dorm and our bong-centric floor went on with life. I have scarely thought of him until this moment.   

3.      What are you superstitious about? Not much, really.  I trust machines and processes and don't generally life in a world where machines are personified with any kind of luck.   I don't worry about spilling salt or breaking mirrors and I don't believe in ghosts.

4.      The dumbest thing my boss has ever said is... Hmmmm.   I can remember some dumb bosses and dumb things they have done - but I don't remember any good, juicy actual dumb boss quotes.   I think the best dumb thing I recall was a publisher of small weekly I was working for in Gunnison.  The paper came out on Friday mornings and John thought it was taking to long to put it together on Thursday night.  He proposed having the whole thing done on Wednesday so it could go in the mail by Thursday put still keep the Friday publishing date and essentially missing two to three days of news and events each week.  It was kind of stupid  -  all the sports news and city government coverage would have been two weeks old.    This guy is so easy to pick on. There was also this huge breaking story of three lost cross country skiiers.  They left from Aspen and then were lost and hadn't returned in time. And their search eventually became a national news story, with Denver and National news media all over town chasing down the story.  I had the orginal news story when they were found because I heard it on the radio scanner.  I scrapped most of the weeks news and focused our coverage of this event. John thought this was a waste of time. People, he thought, didn't want to read about this.  I was stupified.  A national news story breaks - the leading event with Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw and CNN and John, the publisher of the local paper, wanted to be the only paper that wasn't covering it because it seemed like an awful lot of work.

5.      What does your favorite mug look like? It is a big yellow and black mug with a built in rubber coaster and emblazoned with the words Nexel.  Done.   It has a perfect handle asnd holds just the right amount of coffee for a weekend morning.