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Monday, June 07, 2004

Poem du Jour

He is more and less than he will be remembered for. Ronald Reagan lies in state, his memory etched on the TeeVee. I avoid the constant drone, the voice and image engraved. He will soon be memorialized, on a coin, a stamp, even Rushmore But we will focus on the man in full? His deeds and misdeeds? Enormously popular, an eight-year nap. Famous for tax cuts, he raised taxes each year. Famous for his Armageddon shouts of Communist apocalypse A friend called it the end of the '80s. On that we agree. And like his deteriorating age, can we also move on? A country music tribute video airs, Travis Tritt and flag waving. The Gipper fading into memory, a hero enshrined. Lunching with Gorbachev.