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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Jet Setting Playboy In Chief

Last week, in an email I wrote this about President GW Bush:

He is bored and doesn't have the attention span to continue focusing on the issues at hand. There are a few great rumors he has gone back to drinking and is very Reagan-like lately in his inability to work at a full 40 - 50 hour week. This is a jet-setting-playboy who weaseled his way into the greatest job in the world and now is bored and annoyed at the prospect of having to actually go through with it. He loves the idea of winning another election, but I honestly believe he doesn't relish the idea of working this gig for another four years. (These are all just reflections, intuitions and rumors and not based on any factual evidence, so take it for what its worth.)"

Now, it seems, I am not alone in this. A group of unnamed White House aides, speaking off the record have described the Bush White House as erratic, paranoid and impatient and compared these last few weeks to those of the Nixon years.

Former Nixon Chief Legal Counsel and Watergate star John Dean has said essentially the same thing, although more eloquently in his new book, described in this article.

As someone posted on Metafilter, does our generation now have our own Nixon?