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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

How Much Ya Payin'?

I found some gas the other day for $1.929. Talk about ecstatic! That's cheap compared the more average Denver price of $1.98 a gallon or higher. I credit our successful war on terror and our ability to open up the gas fields in Iraq for my good fortune. After all, due to US price subsidies, gas prices at the pump in Irag are only $0.05 a gallon. That's right, five cents a gallon. As we know the war in Iraq was to be paid for by Iraqi oil and the result would have been sweet, sweet petroleum nectar flowing from the gulf right into your tank. But now, instead, we are paying the Iraqis to buy gas and charging the average American the highest gas prices we have ever seen. Gas prices at the pump are now averaging 50 cents a gallon higher than they were before the war. And the news of the oil subsidies in Iraq is hard to find. Buried in a few AP reports but not really talked about by the major media like the Networks, CNN, Fox or even the New York Times. Wouldn't want to impede the war on terror by talking about how much this war has cost us. "We thank the Americans," Baghdad taxi driver Osama Hashim said. Well, I guess, you are welcome. It makes my blood boil.