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Friday, June 25, 2004

Friday Fives

1. How do you spend your lunch hour? I try to avoind eating in the cafeteria, as it is too crowded. I need to make my lunch hour more productive by exercising with a run or walk, but I haven't organized my life yet to do that. Right now, I generally eat at one of the many food establishments in the Park Meadows area.

2. What's the most extravagant thing you've ever done for a pet or animal? Extravagant? Don't know. Expensive? I had to take the cat to the vet hospital to get a long string removed from his intestines. $2,400.00 later we learned that cats like to eat string and that overnight visits with x rays, surgery and blood work is very expensive, even for tiny little cats. I used to take my old dog Whiskey to the dog groomer to have his hair cut in a traditional Scottish Terrier hair cut. That's pretty extravagant, I suppose.

3. What could Barbra Walters make you cry about? Questions about my dad and missing him. Or maybe just anything. I can be pretty weepy.

4. What is your weirdest, or most comical, dead pet story that you can bare sharing? So many pets, past and present. I still have bad dreams of the death of Whiskey, the wonder dog. Whiskey was my Scottish Terrier and the smartest, wisest and best dog in the whole world. Some will argue with that. His propensity to run away all the time coupled with his tremendous production of urine which he was prone to distribute throughout the house may make you wonder if he was such a great dog. Well shut up. He was a great dog. I came home from work around midnight three years ago and he was dead. I found him curled up as if asleep under a coffee table, as if he wanted make sure that when he died he wasn't in the way and didn't leave a mess. Now, mind you, this is a dog that was prone to leaving a mess, a veritable hurricane just about anywhere he went, so I kind of grin when I think about his quiet, peaceful passing in the corner of the apartment. It was so not like him to do things in a quiet way.

5. Have you recently rediscovered your appreciation of an album that you grew tired of long ago? I bought a John Prine compiliation album a few years ago but never really gave it a good listen. I knew I liked a few of his songs, so I figured hey, I'll by the two cd set. And it mostly just sat on the shelf. But recently, I began to give it a serious good listen. That man is a great song writer and folk/country singer. He isn't about dancing around and shaking his ass and he doesn't have any great electric guitar licks, but his debut album in 1972, Kris Kristofferson compared him to Dylan and his music and milleau is on par with some of Dylan's best. I defintely have have rediscovered my appreciation of country music great John Prine.