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Friday, June 18, 2004

Friday Fives

1. Describe your handwriting in one word. Sloppy. It has a shelf life of about 18 hours and then even I struggle trying to read it. I am pretty dyslexic and spent a lot of time in elementary and middle school taking special education classes for my handwriting. I actually had teachers tell my mother I had a learning disability and was counseled in high school not to go to college and to go to diesel mechanics college instead. Which is odd because I am an evil super genius, although I have decided to use my super intelligence as a force for good.

2. What would you never, ever wear? A tattoo, probably. But I think this question is more about clothing. I have virtually no real keen fashion sense and will generally wear anything close to acceptable. That said, I have never worn and will probably never wear a grass skirt or a dress.

3. What are you going to drink this weekend? Try to find a picture of it so we can all salivate at work. Probably a Harvey Wallbanger.

4. Which bands or artists do you absolutely loathe? Air Supply. I always turn off the radio when they come on. Mariah Carey is also on that list along with most of the manufactured pop acts of recent history: Brittany Spears, N Sync and that whole genre.

5. What words always creep you out or bug you? Irregardless (an unnecessary word!) Orientate (same thing) Medical slang, like "'scripts" and "meds" for prescriptions and medicines. How hard is it to use the real word? Aren't we lessening medicine's importance by referring to them with nonchalant slang?