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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Notes On The 40th Birthday Bash

My journal entry as kept during two nights in Central City/Blackhawk while celebrating/contemplating turning 40 years old:

Big Birthday Bash Weekend Telemundo Weather Man, Deadwood cussing, gambling, losing, Adrian H, Michelle B., books, presents, Riviera buffet, Fortune City, balloons, Josh's Mom, dealing, Blackjack, Waterman pen, watch, Mark, Robert, a night under the stars, Chris and Sara, Reid, Jenn, Central City, Harvey Wallbangers, Malibu Julz, CO 119, 2000 yards, "strapping college men rock climbing," wheel chairs, oxygen, this is not Vegas, a minor celebrity, Rev. Ed, Tylenol with Codeine, Prilosec, Immodium A.D., sandals, long naps, sleeping in, nursing hangover, drinking binge, breakfast, bad coffee, upset tummy, early checkout, Ron Howard, clown fucking, gold dollar tokens, "The Price is Right", Bob Barker, nickel slots, sucker bet, lost in Nederland, William B., Drew and Jon, magic slot fingers, fast cash, the money bus, kayakers, Adam & Sage, Charro, Connie Chung, The Fixx, "One Thing Leads To Another," red light - no service, Apollo 13, chain smoking, Tony Roma, "My life for a decent cup of coffee!", Tony and Heather T., home brewed beer, "Rats!", Davies' Chuckwagon Diner, Double Diamond Deluxe, slots, lost in "The Lodge"," Sunday morning, driving down the mountain, snow, rain, river side wanderings, Nils Lofgrin cd.