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Friday, May 28, 2004

Friday Fives

1. Fox? NBC? MTV? Which is your favorite channel? For general network television, NBC. For cable stuff, HBO, Trio and BBC America. And I power surf a lot. I love finding old movies or old movies from the 1980s that I haven't found in years. HBO is really a premium network. I usually spend all night on Sunday just hunkered down in front of the glowing blue hue starring at anything they put in front of me. I am such a rube. BBC America runs some very cool British mystery dramas on Monday nights. And Trio runs on a rather sporadic basis, old school Late Night with David Letterman reruns from his NBC years. 2. Who is the oldest person you can remember? Why? I am at a certain advantage here for two reasons. My first job was working in the kitchen of an old folks home and I met several centarians. As a newspaper reporter I interviewed a delightful older lady who was 103 years old and an older gentleman who was 102. I don't imagine they lived the Guiness/Bacon low carb diet that I am currently perfecting and soon to publish. But if there is even a hint they lived close to my diet, I will use them to sell my book, the new diet revolution! 3. What two colors most clash? Orange and teal? (I tried to make these words all fancy with colors but it was no avail. When I tried it the annoying banner add at the top of the page is placed all over the web page. Now that is clashing. Let me tell you. ) 4. Have you ever gone spelunking? Not for any long periods of time. There is a very cool old series of caves outside of Meeker, Colorado, not far from my mother and her husband's summer cabin. It is called Spring Caves and I would love to venture in there and look around. We were planning a trip once in high school as part of a Boy Scout outing, but we could never get enough parent permission slips. Apparently grown ups aren't as curious about caving as your average 15 year old. Go figure. 5. What was the name of your third grade teacher? Can you describer her/him? Mrs. Archuleta. A fowl-mouthed Mexican woman who had a very, very hot temper and would yell at the class in Spanish. We imagine they were Spanish epithets, but since no one in the class spoke Spanish, we just assumed we were being cussed at. It was the period around third and fourth grade, my bad teacher years, that I developed and ulcer and was put on a fairly aggressive dosing of Mylanta, dispensed by the school nurse a couple of times a day. Is it any wonder I have high blood pressure today? I think not.