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Friday, May 07, 2004

Friday Fives

1. Worst. Book. Ever. Without Remorse, by Tom Clancy. Schlock, pure unadulatered schlock. I read every word. There are a number of very bad books and I tend to flock towards them. Ben Stein, oh he of Comedy Central, wrote a really bad spy novel that I bought at a thrift store. It is so bad I can't even find the title on Amazon. I wasn't impressed with Lie Down in Darness by Styron but will probably give it another chance now that I have matured passed my college days. And next, although it isn't a book, it is a play, I must mention Shakespeare's Coriolanus. It was tedious and lacked humility and reading it just made me bitter. This really isn't fair. I had to read a lot of stuff as an English major in college and I have a more concrete idea of "Worst.Author.Ever" compared to "Worst.Book.Ever." The worst author ever is easy. Tom Clancy.

2. If you pick three films that you love that no one else seems to know, what would they be? 1. The Creator - Great performance by Peter O' Toole. 2. Miller's Crossing - The Best.Cohen Brothers.Movie. 3. The Great Train Robbery - Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland, Lesley Anne Down. Written and directed by Michael Crichton.

3. What's the most unethical and/or illegal thing you ever got away with? When I got laid off from a truck renting company's customer service department, they kept paying me for 6 months. I left with severance and vacation pay and then still kept getting paid. I didn't tell a sole. Well, except for my family and friends. They were worried about my spending, so I had to tell them all was well. But I never told my former employer, that's for sure.

4. As usual, I'm running late for work. What do you do every morning before you leave home? Look for my building ID badge! I have a pretty set routine: morning television news, shit, shower, shave, dress, breakfast (cereal, superfood, toast) and then assemble the day's needs: celll phone, badge, keys, wallet, brief bag. NPR or CDs and off to the morning commute.

5. Write a haiku about how hot you are. The ass is sagging I turn 40-years this month My wit keeps me hot