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Friday, April 02, 2004

Friday Fives

1. What was your first job? I was a diswasher/dining room buser at an old folks home. I was 15 years old and looking right into the eye of aging, alzheimer's and death. As a first job it really grounded me. I would be playing checkers with some charming old man one day and come in to work the next and that same guy had a stroke the night before and was very much a changed man. I remember finding a set of teeth in the soup bowls and often had to break up a few fights at the table as the old folks would bicker with each other over the condiments.

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss? The real kiss, with fireworks and everything I was 16 on a high school band trip one summer. We were in Portland, OR for their annual Rose Festival and I met a girl. The rest of the story has been related in thousands of teen angst rock songs.

3. What was your first car? What happened to it? It was a family hand-me-down. A 1968 Ford Galaxy Custom 500 with a standard "three on the tree" transmission. Fun to drive. It was eventually passed on to some cousins as their childs' first car - or something like that.

4. What was your first concert? The Rolling Stones, 1981, Folsum Field, Boulder, Colorado, Tatoo You tour.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? A movie tonight and some beers with friends after work. Sunday is the weekly Soprano's potluck and food/wine fest. Saturday is still wide open. via Kevin.