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Monday, March 01, 2004

A Corn-Fed World

Using corn based ethonol fuel, scientists have created a hydrogen fuel and reactor that can be used "at home" to power a normal sized home with low polluting, non-fossil fuel burning hydrogen. This pretty cool. I have some concerns, as the whole country is plowed up to grow huge, huge fields of corn, but the up side is that we are replenshing the ecosystem by growing, not destroying natural resources. "Hydrogen does not emit any pollution or greenhouse gases. But unlike oil or coal, hydrogen must be produced -- there are no natural stores of it waiting to be pumped or dug out of the ground. The new technology holds economic potential for Midwest farmers, who are leaders in the production of corn-based ethanol." But what are the prospects, where is the current debate on this issue. Will it even happen. Mother Jones seems to think there is movement but not necessarily in the right direction and suggests we focus more on the ethanol fuel industry rather than the hydrogen production and hybrid vehicle production area in order see real progress in the shortest amount of time.