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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Maddening? Prudent? Protests Records Sought

The US Justice Department has sent subpeonas to the Drake University to obtain any and all information about the participants, planners and subjects discussed during an an anti war protest at the university. Many details are sketchy, owed to a gag order and the use of a grand jury, whose records are sealed. But apparently, one of the protestors is accused of breaking the law in the non violent protest out side of an Army National Guard base in Iowa. It is a bit eery to think the DOJ has now gone to the trouble of rounding up a list of "usual suspects" in an attempt to find out what anit war protestors are doing. Chilling indeed to think that protesting the war may be considered terrorst activity, that dissent is considered a crime. (This may not be the case, but if the government is pursuing this all in private and under the radar, then I am sure it is canvassing witnesses to an automobile accident.) via Metafilter.