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Sunday, February 29, 2004

It's Nellie McKay

They have called her "The Anti-Britney." She is compared to Doris Day, Etta James and even Eminem and John Lennon. And there are more than a few similarities between her sweet jazzy voice and that of Nora Jones. But this very mature 19-year-old singer/songwriter is really in a class by herself. Her jazzy, piano-bar-like songs are woven with rich, deep lyrics that are souful, searching, funny, sardonic and witty. She has a definite rap influence in her metre and her lyrics but uses the piano and the jazz combo to bring her hip hop attitudes to audiences. Take a moment and use NPR's streaming interview and song samples to see for yourself. Me, I am off to Amazon to get the 2 CD debut album.

  • NPR interview and steaming song downloads
  • All Songs Considered sample song.
  • Get Away From Me at Amazon
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