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Friday, February 27, 2004

Ask Bubby

I have sat on this too long. But Bubby is a real live grandmother, giving real live grandmother advice via the inter-web: "Bubby is our 88 year old grandmother. A few years ago we introduced her to the internet and we've been getting daily emails from her ever since. Whether she's reminding us that boyfriends do not substitute for warm jackets in the winter, or that it's better to receive a compliment than a brick, she's always got something to say to her granddaughters. Now with this new website, Bubby can finally share her wisdom with the rest of the world. And she's excited about it! (Which confuses us, because she used to say we were all she needed.) Hopefully this will be as much fun for new readers as it will surely be for her. And if not, well, as Bubby says, it will all come out in the wash." So go ahead Ask Bubby!