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Thursday, January 29, 2004


My "Blitzers" are in the shop. That is what I am calling my new eye glasses: "Blitzers" because they are just like the kind worn by the monotone cable news monolith Wolf Blitzer. But I digress. My Blitzers are in the shop. You see, January has become Roy's month of complicated eye wear. I ordered some new, perky trendy glasses this month and got them on Jan. 2. Great. Fancy. Fine. And a week later I opted to go to another optician and get a pair of back up glasses and some prescription sunglasses. So far nothing is outrageously out of line. Then, with three pair of glasses in hand I was ready to tackle anything that could come along, vision wise. But then the clumsiness set in. In the course of two and half weeks, I have misplaced my new sunglasses for three days (found, thankfully. Thanks, Kevin.) I have completely lost my back up glasses. Gone, missing, vanished in a trip from the office to the car. And the new fancy glasses, the Blitzers had to go back to the optician due to an unfortunate crack in the lens after just a week. I sit here, typing away and working wearing an old pair of glasses with a four year old prescription and squinting as I look across the room. Sigh.