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Thursday, November 20, 2003


This is welcome news. " . . . "Opus," Breathed's latest venture, a Sunday strip set to launch Nov. 23 in 160 newspapers nationwide." That's right, the world's greatest Penguin is set to return to the comics pages. And Berkely Breathed is at the helm all the way. This is not some rerun of existing cartoons. This isn't a rerun of cartoons from a dead guy. This isn't a cartoon in name only, formerly drawn by a famous cartoonist and now drawn by a goon squad that had acquired the rights. No sir. This is the real deal. Bloom County was and always has been the real deal and is one of the all time great comic strips and a definite chronicle of life in these United States during the '80s. I, for one, will be pulling up the Sunday paper on a much more regular basis now that Opus is back among us.