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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Dead Pool 2004 Deadline Looms

I started working on my list of names for the 2004 dead pool this morning. A tougher task than in the past. There doesn't seem to be a bounty of old, hangers-on as we had last year, with Strom Thurmond and Bob Hope. I think we can safely add the Pope and Ronald Reagan but the remaining names may be much harder. Kevin has proposed making Reagan and the Pope a gimme and everyone gets them on their list. The group hasn't weighed in this yet. And I think we need a discussion for what the winner gets, although bragging rights alone is a fine prize. Here are a few tricks for finding some names. This link from the Internet Movie Database lists celebrities by the year they were born. In the above example, it is 1919. By going down the list presented on this search you can pick and choose a few names. Then you can take the name, for example, JD Salinger, and run over to Google News and check the headlines and health of your dead pool candidate. If the health seems fine, then you can just manipulate the url at IMDB by changing 1919 to another year of your choice. And voila' another list of old people to look up. There are also many celebrity dead pool sites on the web to assist in compiling your list of names. My favorite is, home of the Lee Atwater Celebrity Dead Pool; and The Dead People Server, which will assist you in determining if someone on your list has already past.