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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Who Else Sang That?

Driving down the road, you have the radio on and you hear a song, a song you have heard a thousand times before but perhaps this time it is being performed by someone else, someone you aren't used to hearing. Or perhaps you just wonder, when you hear some Springsteen opus, if someone else has ever given the thing a try. I had exactly these thoughts many times and a few months back, heck maybe even longer than that, I stumbled upon the The Covers Project. A music covers blog. As a resource, this a great site. I haven't taken the time to play the game, although Rock Guy can and probably will, as will Snowball and perhaps Beaker. The idea is to take a song and create a chain linking a song as many different ways by the bands and the folks who have covered it. Kind of a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon thing, or Clint Howard for the more adventurous.