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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Nextel Beckons

I have obsessed about this for a bit on this blog, but I have finally secured a job a Nextel. I start 10/20/03. It is a raise and much better benefits than I am afforded in my current job at Finali. I get to keep my old start date of 1999 and I walk in the door fully vested. The job is in the fraud prevention department. It is a basic customer interaction position in a pretty quiet and settled department within the risk management division in Nextel. I will be in the same building that I was laid off in 15 months ago. This is coming at an excellent time. My roommate/sister has faced a downsized summer as well and some extra cash is going to help with some bills - as well as better hours, weekends off, holidays off and a complimentary cellphone. It feels great. I will miss the people I work with at Finali, but not necessarily the job as an email customer service representative. That aspect of the job had become quite tedious. Maybe, with more normal hours, I can pursue some stand up or improv comedy and get my tuckus focused on using my brain and creativity once again.