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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Job Hunting

I have spent the last 19 months looking for a job. I return back to Nextel on Monday in a new department and closer to happy. Some networking, some follow through, some interview prepping and I got the job. Several observations along the way. It really is easier to look for a job while you have a job. The steady paycheck, the social network of being in the workplace instead of at home alone, and the ability to turn down a job or an opportunity because you aren't desperate is a necessary step to reclaiming your life after losing your job are invaluable. The hardest part is to force yourself to keep looking and to use your off-work time to really focus on looking for work. But because you have a job already, make the time focused, the experts say. And instead of jumping at every ad in the paper or online, develop a network and some skills and tools to get the next interview and the next position. I found the Crossroads newsletter at Net-Temps to be very informative and packed with tips, tricks and suggestions. And unlike some of the other job hunting boards on the internet, this site's advice is pretty current and they don't talk down the reader as if they are looking for their first job. Or you can always just call Ed - but the fees a minor celebrity charges for employment consultation are a bit steep. Good booze is expensive.