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Friday, September 26, 2003

Go! Get Out Of Denver

It was inspiring watching Bruce last night. If I can have that kind of energy when I am 54! Wow. A three hour show and one of the best of the few Springsteen shows I have seen (but then, again, I have said that about each show.) I had 11th row floor seats, so the sound was great and the view of the stage was pretty good too. Invesco didn't sellout but there were about 30,000 folks there - and they were loud. Several observations: A lot of folks went to the concert just to see Bruce but had no idea what his shows are like. They were expecting a greatest hit album rehash and I noticed that as he played songs of his latest album then reached back into some early Born To Run and Greetings from Asbury Park song books, some "newbie" audience members just left the venue, obviously confused. He is back to doing many of his famous stage antics. During Rosalita, he did the splits at the micorphone stand, ala James Brown (he is 54, let me remind you) and he did his "Pole" routines on the mic stand that he is famous for - hanging upside down from the mic stand while singing - you have see it to believe it. And he did his famous running - knee slides across the stage during a couple of numbers. He talked to the audience a lot more than when I last saw him last year - as he called out the audience to toss Dick Cheney out on his butt. He introduced Across the Border with a plea to remember the immigrants in our country who will do the work we won't do and he plead with the audience to always hold the government and the politicians, regardless of which party is in power, to be accountable for their actions. And he was having just a lot of fun. It was a high energy show. During the second ovation he pulled out his Rising producer Brendan O'Brien, who played along on guitar with the band. A good time was had by all. Here is the set list: GET OUT OF DENVER (Bob Seger Cover) THE RISING LONESOME DAY LEAP OF FAITH NIGHT EMPTY SKY YOU'RE MISSING WAITIN' ON A SUNNY DAY DARLINGTON COUNTY TUNNEL OF LOVE BRILLIANT DISGUISE BECAUSE THE NIGHT BADLANDS NO SURRENDER OUT IN THE STREET MARY'S PLACE COUNTIN' ON A MIRACLE ACROSS THE BORDER INTO THE FIRE THE PROMISED LAND KITTY'S BACK BORN TO RUN SEVEN NIGHTS TO ROCK MY CITY OF RUINS LAND OF HOPE AND DREAMS ROSALITA (w\ Brendan O'Brien) DANCING IN THE DARK