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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Zevon's Album Released Today

Snippets of this album are playing on the radio today. As we know, Zevon is quite literally knocking on heaven's door. If you get the chance to see the VH1 documentary on this the making of this album and Zevon's story, do so. I watched it over at Kevin's last night after the depressing Bronco game. I remember seeing Zevon at the Ogden Theater about 8 years ago. He was just great. Just him and his piano, belting out tunes, even talking requests from the audience. He kept the crowd spellbound as he told stories and jokes between songs and played an abbreviated encore because he needed to get down the road to Woody Creek to spend a few weeks with Hunter S. Thompson. They say he is be ridden now. He has lived 12 months longer than he was "supposed to." But I worry that with the album's release, he may finally pass.