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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Take A Moment To Update

If you regularly update your Windows system and antivirus systems and run even a rudimentary personal firewall on your system, you are probably safe from this week's computer hacker threat, a Worm that takes hold of many systems through open ports in your system. This worm seems to have moved fast and furiously through out the world starting early Monday. Several things can easily be done to prevent it. Take a moment, will ya: Symnatec/Norton fixes A nice piece from ZDNEt on the issue and the fixes. Norton Worm.blaster removal tool is an .exe file that will search and fix your system if you are already effected. The Microsoft patch from July to prevent this in the first place. Had corporate and home users simply updated their virus software regularly and downloaded and installed the Microsoft Critical Security update from July 17, this wouldn't have been that big of issue. Or my favorite of the day. A wiley eBay seller will sell you a disk for $5.00 to do all of the above. The auction ends in a week. The disk will be mailed then. So if all else fails, in about two to three weeks, you can have a disk that does the above in just a few minutes. Ahhhh, capitalism.