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Saturday, August 16, 2003

"It's a Zen Thing, like how many babies fit in a tire"

I watched Waiting for Guffman last night after work. Jezus! Christopher Guest is funny. I think a collection of his great works is in order in DVD. This Is Spinal Tap - a blueprint for improv comedy The Big Picture - Martin Short's scene as the agent is worth the admission alone The Princess Bride Reiner does Mel Brooks. A great cast. Waiting for Guffman - Corky is a national treasure. Best of Show - Eugene Levy never got respect on Second City. This is some of his best work. A Mighty Wind - Peter Paul and Mary meet Spinal Tap. And somewhere, I am sure, there is a collection of his work from Saturday Night Live. His stuff with Billy Crystal was classic, classic stuff. I really could just go totally nerd with this stuff, buying the scripts and memorizing them. Someone stop me now.