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Saturday, July 12, 2003

How The Economy Works

Well, finally, someone has taken the time to explain to me this economic conundurm - and laid a way to measure whether the Bush tax strategy and economic plan is successful. How to gauge a jobless recovery: According to the Economic Policy Institute, "every citizen can grade the Bush policy by checking the nonfarm payroll employment series each month. Any month that adds at least 344,000 jobs to the economy can be marked a success. And every month payrolls grow by less than 257,000 jobs, the policy is generating fewer jobs than would have been created without the 'jobs and growth' plan." So, check the monthly figures, check for a net increase in employment and you can tell whether we are gaining ground or losing ground under Bush. More included in their White Paper on the subject, "Jobless Recovery Stifles Growth." By the way, we are losing ground. via Altercation