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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Has She No Shame

A new book by Ann Coulter is bound to raise the hair on the back of your neck. Currently tracking number two on the Amazon best seller list and a New York Times bestseller, Treason, is her newest book where she lauds the efforts of Joesph McCarthy and challenges the patriotism and loyalty of anyone who dares have an opinion different then hers. In this Salon article, Joe Connason takes her to task. And of course, Coulter's arch nemesis Eric Alterman has also taken her to task adding his best quote to date: "I try to avoid the words 'Ann Coulter'.” This woman is dangerous because people will read this book and then believe her. Believe her when she calls Truman a pinko communist sympathizer. They will believe her when she says that George Marshall was working for the communists in Europe after the war. And believe her when she builds her case defending McCarthy and how all the bad press he received was a treasonous liberal plot. The list goes on an on. I intend to read the book, but not until it shows up at a used bookstore so that I don't have to give her any money to hear her highly incendiary opinions on how the world should be run.